PURE TRANCE (US edition)

Published in 2005
*originally published in Japan in 1998
192 pages / graphic novel
$19.98 Adults Only
Language: English
Publisher: Last Gasp
Size: 8" x 10"
ISBN-10: 0867196300
ISBN-13: 9780867196306

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Following the Third World War, humankind left the toxic surface of the Earth and built an underground city to survive. A serious social problem emerged in this new society: hyperorexia, or severe overeating, a side effect of the Pure Trance life-sustaining pill. This dreamy science fiction fantasy — a sexy story of catfights, alien safari adventures, evil experimentation, and a girl who dreams of becoming a pop idol singer—is the long-awaited debut graphic novel of famous Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno. Pure Trance breaks every stereotype of shojo manga (girls' comics). Adults only – there's no sex, but there's lots of nudity<.

"Junko Mizuno amazes and astounds, bringing together sweet sexual subversion with childish innocence like only she can. Her sultry illustrations show a superb confidence of line even while strutting through taboo territory where most would not dare tread. You'd call her a pervert if she weren't such a damn fine illustrator. And the fact that she is absolutely adorable doesn't hurt either."
– Voltaire, Creator of Chi-Chian, Oh My Goth!, and DEADY

"Junko's designs are exploding with life and move at a speed that makes the rest of the world seem asleep. These images are razorsharp and visceral, with all of the innocence and beauty of a childhood daydream. They electrocute the senses and tap the source of energy that drives us all."
– Mike Patton, composer/musician