Temple of Art

Published in 2015
232 pages / art book
Language: English
Publisher: Baby Tattoo Books
Size: 9 x 13 inches
ISBN-10: 1614040117
ISBN-13: 978-1614040118

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Temple of Art is a project in which photographer Allan Amato took portrait photos of over fifty artists, had them paint/draw on the prints and made collaboration pieces. Junko Mizuno was one of the artists and the limited edition of the book has a print of Junko's piece on the cover. Available now with her signature on Temple of Art website.

"Since early 2012 I have been photographing fine artists and inviting them to interpret those portraits through their particular medium. An artist’s work can act as both bridge and barrier; at once deeply personal and highly distorted; the lens through which we present our perception of the world, and the world that in turn interprets us." - Allan Amato

Allan Amato is a photographer living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, Allan discovered his love for photography after Hurricane Katrina forced him re-examine the course of his life. Since then, he has worked with a variety of clientele from Ministry to Nick Nolte to Terry Gilliam.